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Media Inquiries

DEA Public Affairs Office (202) 307-7977

Social Media

The Drug Enforcement Administration uses a variety of social media outlets to provide accurate, official information to the public.

These social media sites are commercial sites and not required to follow government standards.  Before visiting the sites, become familiar with their privacy policies and usage rules.

You may also want to review the Department of Justice's policies on social media:




DEA Headquarters-Federal @DEAHQ
DEA Atlanta @DEAAtlantaDiv
DEA Caribbean @DEACaribbeanDiv
DEA Chicago @DEAChicagoDiv
DEA Dallas @DEADallasDiv
DEA Denver @DEADenverDiv
DEA Detroit @DEADetroitDiv
DEA El Paso @DEAElPasoDiv
DEA Houston @DEAHoustonDiv
DEA Los Angeles @DEALosAngeles
DEA Louisville @DEALouisville
DEA Miami @DEAMiamiDiv
DEA New England @DEANewEngland
DEA New Jersey @DEANewJerseyDiv
DEA New Orleans @DEANewOrleans
DEA New York @DEANewYork
DEAOmahaDiv @DEAOmahaDiv
DEA Philadelphia @DEAPhiladelphia
DEA Phoenix @DEAPhoenixDiv
DEA San Diego @DEASanDiegoDiv
DEA San Francisco @DEASanFrancisco
DEA Seattle @DEASeattleDiv
DEA St. Louis @DEAStLouisDiv
DEA Washington DC @DEAWashingtonDC


Drug Enforcement Administration - DEA   @DEAHQ


Drug Enforcement Administration Page


DEA-DrugEnforcement Admin.    @deahq

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