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Enforcement: Targeting and stopping the most significant drug trafficking threats.

  • The enforcement component of the 360 Strategy has several facets, all focusing on the roots of the drug trafficking problems that are plaguing our communities. Through our collective law enforcement experience, the DEA team knows that the drug problems are often unique to the communities we serve – the strategies that work in one particular area may not work in another. With that reality in mind, the leadership within DEA’s Field Divisions works closely with their state and local counterparts to identify the major drug trafficking threats and to develop the unique enforcement strategies to effectively combat those problems. Those strategies include targeting and prosecuting the most significant drug traffickers, and taking advantage of enhanced penalties provided by law for dealers linked to drug overdoses.
  • In addition to the community-based enforcement approach, the 360 Strategy relies heavily on Project Rolling Thunder, an enforcement initiative that uses investigative techniques to target the link between the cartels and the drug trafficking networks operating within the United States, which often are made up of violent street gangs. By targeting this link, the project can effectively identify the full spectrum of the criminal network, including the street-level drug dealer, the distribution sources of supply, and the highest levels of the cartel leadership.
  • The foundation of DEA’s 360 enforcement operations is built on our close working relationships with our federal, state, and local partners. In all major offices across the United States, DEA has established Task Forces made up of state and local law enforcement officers who work alongside DEA Special Agents to identify and target the most significant drug trafficking threats. Together, these partners will continue to devise and implement investigation strategies to address the drug problems facing our communities.
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